More often than not, I have found businesses to be located in very bad areas energetically. In addition, many times I find that office space is unsuitable for happy, contented employees or for prosperity in general. It has been my experience that the majority of businesses fall into this category no matter what is the business.

I specialize in helping employers find the perfect locations and work space for a successful and prosperous business. I work with commercial real estate agents in locating these places. They must meet my stringent requirements.

In addition, I take existing businesses who cannot or do not want to re-locate, and make corrections to increase productivity, contentment, and prosperity. Sometimes, the situations are so bad that they are not correctable without moving. This is especially true if there are detrimental ley lines and other such issues that cannot be corrected or resolved.

Each situation is individual in nature. Many factors must be taken into consideration.

"I've known Stephanie for two years. I started going to her because of business issues. Stephanie came to my previous location and said the energies were very bad and we had to re-locate. I had had continual problems since moving into that location. I contacted my commercial real estate broker and Stephanie and he worked together to find me a most wonderful location.

Stephanie has helped with the positioning of the furniture in my office and what to do to create more harmony, peace and prosperity. I've followed all of her suggestions. Our office is so lovely that many people stop by and look in and complement us. I'm very pleased with Stephanie's work and highly recommend her to others.

Stephanie not only helps me with my business but with my personal life as well. When I go to see her, she is prepared for me because she knows what I want before I start talking. For me, Stephanie is the best......she has a wonderful ability to guide me in the right direction for the best success of my business. I'm very grateful to her; she is wonderful."

--Elvia Lamont
Ascension In Home Medical Care Inc.
3430 E Sunrise Dr Suite #170
Tucson, AZ 85718



I take the floor plans of the office and decide where the best placement is for all employees. I go through a step by step process in each office within the location. Certain employees need to be in the POWER SPOTS of each office. How the furniture, specifically each desk, is arranged is vitally important. I spend much time making sure the surroundings and decorative items are placed for maximum success.

I make corrections for all detrimental energies in and around the office space, I clear all negative energies in each space, including employees, and generally, make sure the business is ready for maximum productivity, success, and abundance. I add items needed to reduce harmful EMF and ELF frequencies to neutralize them.


I check to make sure everything is in perfect harmony and perform the THREE SECRETS REINFORCEMENTS (a final Feng Shui ceremony) to empower everyone and the business itself. I teach the employees some very powerful techniques to keep the atmosphere of their space positive and prosperous.

"After listening to Stephanie St. Claire on the radio several mornings, I invited her to our real estate office for a look-see and audit -- with the objective of "trying out" the effectiveness of Feng Shui in a commercial setting. I can tell you within 30 days from the time we "dressed up" the office, the results were coming in. The result is that new business began to emerge, buyers and sellers began coming in, and our entire business got a significant boost from this event. We continue working the system, keeping all plants alive, and eyeing our picture wall daily. Thank you Stephanie for your help!"

--M. Leon Askren
Broker - Owner
Help-U-Sell Rancho Center
Tucson, Arizona 85716



In helping you to locate the right home to purchase or lease, I work with you and/or your real estate agent. Sometimes people have purchased land and want to build a house on it or want me to check out a possible land purchase to see if there are any negative or detrimental fractures or other problems. In addition, I am often asked to work with an architect in creating a floor plan that utilizes the best Feng Shui layout for each person, couple or family.

If you already own or rent a home, I come to your home and make suggestions and, often times, help you to re-arrange things on the spot. Coming to your home requires two visits, the first to make corrections, and the second to do a walk through and sacred ceremony.

I believe that one's home should be a "sacred space" meaning that it should be harmonious, peaceful and filled with items that are special to each individual. I believe one's home environment should rejuvenate and refresh each person. The bedroom is vitally important for restful sleep and is the core to peace and happiness.

Often I will suggest different colors for some rooms or even all rooms. I help to re-decorate some spaces, very simply and inexpensively, to make a major difference in the feel and texture of one's environment.

One of the things I do is to help each person create a "special sacred space" to meditate, pray or have silent time. It is where one can be alone and listen to one's inner guidance.

In addition, I help Feng Shui the outside of one's property no matter how large or small is one's yard. The outside is an extension of the inside of one's house. To have a wonderful and peaceful house, inside, and have a yard that is in disarray negates the effectiveness of the inside Feng Shui.


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