Feng Shui has been very popular in recent years. There are many books written about this subject. Some are very confusing and quite complicated because there are several different Feng Shui methods.

One method uses a compass and is so complicated it's hard to figure out. The other method, called the Black Sect method, divides one's living and/or work space into eight specific areas called the Ba-Gua. This is the method I practice and find it extremely effective because of its simplicity.

Feng Shui is actually the art of arranging one's work and living environments to reflect peace, harmony, balance and abundance in all areas of one's life. These invisible energies are referred to as CHI which means the "flow of energy" in all things. These energies appear invisible to us but they are very real and do exist whether one can see them, feel them, or not.

By the IMPROPER placement of objects around your home or office, vital CHI energy is BLOCKED, having the primary effect of keeping your personal and professional lives stuck and NOT flowing. This is EASILY CORRECTED by simply rearranging and adding or subtracting items from your environment. It's truly AMAZING what can happen with a few simple adjustments.

"Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC has been a client of Stephanie St. Claire since 2005. Her expertise as a Feng Shui expert clearly shines through as she takes you through a very methodical process of how your business should be run, where it should be strategically located, and certain energies that are needed in your business in order for your company to have the best chance at reaching success. And it's all done thru the Feng Shui she's been practicing for years.

Prior to Sunstreet opening in 2005, we hired Stephanie to assist us in deciding on a location for our mortgage banking firm to be headquartered. When we finally found our location, she spend a lot of time at our office advising us where certain departments should be placed in our office and where Mgmt. and the partners of the firm should have their offices located. Stephanie took a lot of time clearing out the old negative energies of the business that was occupying the space before us. She gave us advice on how we should decorate our office and how the desks in our offices should be situated which is all based on the particular version of Feng Shui she practices.

She also went as far as to tell us what day of the month and the precise time we should move in and the precise time and day we should start conducting busniess in our new location. Stephanie intereviewed our Sales Team and offered advice to them and to us on where each Sales Rep should be strategically placed in each office and explained to them how their office should look and ideas of what and what not to have in their office to help them achive sales success.

I must say that we attibute a lot of our success because of Stephanie's work and knowledge she has shared with us in Feng Shui. We have recommended her to several companies who I know share the same sentiment we do about Stephanie's work ethic and professionalism and the help she has brought them using Feng Shui. We know that their are hundreds of kinds of Feng Shui that date back thousands of years. You can see that Stephanie has spent a serious amount of time studying the art of Feng Shui and we consider her to be part of our Sunstreet team and continue to consult with her on a regular basis about the success of Sunstreet and obtain advice periodcially on how to grow and move forward in our industry with her help she brings us in Feng Shui.

I personally highly recommend to everyone to use Stephanie St. Claire for Feng Shui Consulting."

--Pat Sniezek



Often there are negative energy vortexes under or around offices and houses. Also, there are detrimental geopathic areas such as ley lines, underground water veins, ELF or EMF energies from various sources, earth fractures, and other similar but very destructive energies.

Negative geopathic zones as well as non-beneficial energies can sometimes make people and animals quite sick, physically, mentally and emotionally, and cause them to have very low energy as well. Sometimes plants won't grow in these areas and pets, who are extremely sensitive to non-beneficial energies, often refuse to go into these areas as well.

Many times people's homes and offices are filled with non-beneficial energies due to negative thinking and negative attitudes both of which are greatly prevalent in today's world. Sometimes ghosts or other beings haunt these places.

"Stephanie St. Claire was kind enough to make some Feng Shui recommendations for our hospital. These were simple, practical suggestions and we implemented most of them.

I'm happy with the results. Not only have they beautified our clinic, but our financial status improved almost immediately…and has remained improved.
I would recommend Ms. St. Claire for her services to whomever wishes to incorporate Feng Shui principles in their life.

--Kayomee P. Daroowalla, DVM
Bernarda Veterinary Hospital
Tucson, AZ



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