Stephanie grew up in the Washington, DC area and has a B.S. from the University of Maryland in College Park, Md., and an M.S. from Towson State University in Baltimore, Md. Stephanie worked part-time on Capital Hill for several years while finishing her B.S. degree. She worked for Senator Jacob Javits of New York and for two Congressmen, one from North Carolina and one from Missouri. In addition, Stephanie worked for the Agency for International Development (AID) which at that time was a branch of the State Department. Stephanie participated in the first College Student Program started and sponsored by President John F. Kennedy.

Stephanie taught in both public and private schools for many years. Furthermore, after leaving teaching, Stephanie was a top salesperson for Memorex Corporation and Sanrio Company (maker of Hello Kitty products).

Stephanie has studied and taken classes in Feng Shui and other Chinese arts since moving to Tucson in June 1981.
In addition, Stephanie is an experienced dowser and has an extensive knowledge of harmful energies in one's environment which could be anything from negative ley lines or vortexes to EMF/ELF non-beneficial energies. (Electromagnetic Frequencies and Extra Low Frequencies). She can also remove ghosts and other non-physical beings. Stephanie knows how to correct and neutralize harmful energies in the work place and home environments.

Stephanie has been a Feng Shui practitioner for 25+ years. She has helped many people correct problems in their homes and workplaces and has assisted people in finding the perfect location for their businesses increasing the prosperity and well being of their employees and themselves.


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Contact me to set up a Feng Shui consultation (See schedule forms to fill out your requests).

Address: 6890 E Sunrise Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85750
Telephone: 520-299-9557
E-mail: stephanie@fengshuibystephanie.com
Website : www.fengshuibystephanie.com